Join us on June 1st at the Vanderbilt Recreation & Wellness Center for an amazing day of fun and entertainment about EVERY aspect of your Health & Wellness.

Something for all the family: advice and information on every kind of traditional, alternative, functional and holistic therapy.

A great source of inspiration ideas and good food!

Visit a huge selection of 200+ Vendors, Exhibitors and Local Artisans. It’s the biggest Event of its kind in Nashville for years-a great day out for every age group.

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Headlined by expert local speakers and presenters, packed full of motivational ideas, valuable advice, fascinating case studies and practical, helpful guidance for your Mind, Body and Spirit. See full details of the workshops below and book your tickets here

Delicious, healthy food and drink vendors for you to savor and enjoy

Sample and buy from a range of food and drink vendors that can improve your health and fitness.

Meet your favorite local author

Meet and talk to your favorite author, buy a copy of their latest book and get it signed. See who is going to be there and the timetable for the day by clicking here.

FREE Entertainment on the Main Stage

Fun for everyone on the main stage in the Fest Hall, from Erin Oprea’s high octane keep fit session, to Puppy Pilates and a local Gym demonstration. Plus, a lunchtime gig by up-and-coming country star Kylie Morgan! See full timetable of events on the main stage.

Special area for nursing mothers and families with babies…

Courtesy of Rejoice! Birth Services.

There will be a screened off private area where diapers and baby changing facilities will be available.


Please check you are not booking workshops that are running at the same time.

Love Heals

10.30-11.15am Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

The Love Heals workshop will be run by one of Nashville’s most prominent and successful nonprofit entrepreneurs, Becca Stevens. She will tell the inspiring and heartwarming story of the survivors at Thistle Farms, who have experienced healing that has changed their lives. It will empower attendees to find ways to invite love to heal in their own lives and will offer simple ways to make a difference in the lives of others. It will bring hope to anyone in need of healing and inspire anyone who wants to work for spiritual good in the world.

Becca offers encouragement, companionship, practical guidance, and the healing power of love through themes such as:

  • Love Heals through daily rituals (practicing healing)
  • Love Heals with compassion (nourishing connections)
  • Love Heals during the act of forgiving (transforming brokenness)
  • Love Heals past our fears (overcoming anxiety)
  • Love Heals across the world (removing barriers)
  • Love Heals from past mistakes (letting go)

Love Heals helps you discover how a radical love can heal all kinds of wounds—in the world and your own life and community.

This will be an amazing workshop from a truly inspiring presenter. Book early to make sure you’re there to hear this uplifting story.

Workshop presenter: Becca Stevens is an author, speaker, justice entrepreneur, Episcopal priest and founder of Thistle Farms, a community of women healing from prostitution, trafficking & addiction. Becca latest book, “Love Heals,” and workshop of the same name, reflects the guiding principle of her life.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Unbreakable: a complete guide to making your Bones fracture proof at any age

11.00-11.45am Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

This will be a fascinating workshop and guide. It is a complete guide to bone health and the prevention and reversal of bone loss. Diane Mulloy will help educate you on the basics of bone health, nutrition, and supplementation. She will review the risk factors and causes of bone loss, as well as natural solutions to reverse or prevent it.

If you or anyone in your family has suffered with fractures or osteoporosis, this seminar will help you understand what you can do to have ‘Freedom from Fractures’, age well and independently.

Workshop Presenter: Diane Mulloy, is owner of Osteostrong of Nashville and Regional Director for Osteostrong Franchises in Tennessee. She has been certified as a Peer Educator by the American Bone Health Board. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Fight back against smartphone and compulsive technology use! Sanity is within reach: Discover real-world strategies for taking back control

11.45am-12.30pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Whether you are a harried parent tired of the daily iPad fight, or a busy professional intent on spending your day as efficiently as possible, this session will be packed with practical (and often surprising) information about the time you spend with technology. By the end of the session, you will be equipped to build a healthier digital environment, so that you and your family can use technology’s best tools without becoming lost in the distractions that our always-on culture provides.

Workshop presenter: Pete Dunlap, the founder of Digital Detangler, has spent the last decade immersed in the worlds of education and technology. Recently, he was named The Moth’s Nashville StorySlam Champion for his storytelling ability. Pete has established himself as a leading voice in the movement for more humane technology, as the creator of ScrollStopper (a Chrome extension), author of Digital Detangler: A Guide to Mindful Technology Use, and a meditation teacher on Insight Timer.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Why a lack of Work/Life balance is killing you-and how you can change that in three steps

12.15-1.00pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

You CANNOT pour from an empty cup. Lauren will reveal her three step PROVEN formula to balance that will change your life forever.

Lauren’s 3 Step Strategy to Work-life Balance:


  • How do currently you feel? How do you want to feel?
  • Where are you lacking balance? What is it costing you?
  • Set goals to regain balance- and more…


  • Set a self-care Schedule
  • Schedule down time with people who refill your cup
  • Start a morning routine
  • Meditation, yoga, journaling, scheduled down time… and more.


  • Find someone to hold you accountable
  • Create ZERO room for failure in regaining your health… and more advice.

Workshop Presenter: Lauren Zoeller:  Lauren is a Whole Living Life Coach. Yoga Instructor. Motivational Speaker. Lauren brings holistic balance to the busy professional. Her coaching practice centers around helping individuals find work/life balance for increased happiness and heightened performance. In addition to her coaching practice, Lauren teaches yoga at multiple studios in the Nashville area and co-leads 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses with Phoenix Yoga Teacher Training. 

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Discover a drug free alternative for Depression, Anxiety, ADHD.

1.00-1.45pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

See a live demonstration of LENS Neurofeedback, and discover the potential this amazing technology has to help anyone with these conditions as well as others like Concussion, PTSD & Migraines. Two top LENS Certified Practitioners will be explaining how the process works, and how this non drug, non-invasive therapy has more than a 95% success rate.

They will be illustrating their talk with case studies of how they have helped people with a wide variety of conditions-and will demonstrate how LENS works on a member of the audience.

Workshop presenters: Dallas Shepard is founder of Harmonized Brain Centers in Colorado Springs, CO & Sheri Rowney, founder of Harmonized Brain Centers in Nashville TN.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Wholeness in Relationships: Balancing kindness, connection and a core sense of self

1.30-2.15pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

In our high-speed, digital world, it is hard to find and maintain healthy relationships. Good relationships set us up to be our best selves, while unhealthy relationships can make us sick. Come learn about the need we all have for connected, life-giving relationships, how healthy boundaries give us freedom be kind, and how we protect our core sense of self while walking through life in intimate relationship with others.

Workshop presenter: Paris Goodyear-Brown Paris Goodyear-Brown LCSW, RPT-S the founder and director of Nurture House, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor with 20 years of experience in treating families in need. She is an Adjunct Instructor of Psychiatric Mental Health at Vanderbilt University, guest lecturer for several universities in middle Tennessee, and has an international reputation as a dynamic speaker and innovative clinician. She was one of the top speakers at the 2018 TEDx Conference in Nashville.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Alzheimer’s Disease Here, Now, and Where Are We Going?

2.15-3.00pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)
  • Are you worried about your memory or the memory of a loved one?
  • Do you have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? Interested in learning how genetics play a part in the development of Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Interested in the correlations between a healthy lifestyle and Alzheimer’s disease prevention?
  • Are you a caregiver to someone living with Alzheimer’s disease looking for additional resources?

If so? This workshop is for you!

Workshop presenter: KaTerri ‘Kate’ Kelly is the Program Manager for the Center for Cognitive Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She and a team of highly motivated researchers strive daily to “do something unforgettable” by educating Tennesseans on the treatment, prevention, and trajectory of Alzheimer’s with the goal to one day alleviate the disease.

Sponsored by The Alzheimer’s Association.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Plant Based & Powerful: How one Chef convinced Titan’s top players to become Vegans

2.45-3.30pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Chef Charity has well over 15 years of experience as a chef, but her calling to become plant-based followed as a result of her family’s own transition. That transition, paired with her affinity to cook, sparked her creativity and a new challenge. As Chef Charity provided plant based meals for her family, NFL players began to hone in on her talent as they witnessed her husband eating what looked like delicious everyday meals that also provided the essentials for optimum athletic performance.

This admiration became the driving force that propelled her to realize the power of a plant-based, vegan and transitional diet. As a lover of food, and self-proclaimed foodie, her goal is to assist people in making an easy transition from animal products to well-balanced plant based meals. Chef Charity will share her plant based culinary journey and how she successfully transitioned not just her family, but several professional athletes to a plant based diet and created a powerful impact along the way.

Join Chef Charity Morgan in this fascinating workshop and discover how a Vegan diet could work for you.

Workshop presenter: Chef Charity has well over 15 years of experience, her calling to become a plant based chef followed as a result of her family’s own transition. Her goal is to assist people in making an easy transition from animal products to well-balanced plant based meals. She currently provides vegan meal preparation to several NFL players and has recently been featured by ESPN highlighting her awesome homemade meals that have encouraged athletes to educate themselves, improve their athletic performance as well as their overall health. 

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Anxiety-no more!

3.30-4.15pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Anxiety affects approximately 40 million people in the United States. We all know someone who struggles with it. So, what causes anxiety? Why are so many people anxious? What can we do about it? Cortney Edmondson struggled with severe anxiety that manifested as debilitating insomnia. For over a year, her anxiety caused major implications on her work, personal life and even her health. After a lot of work and practice, Cortney has gained powerful tools and solutions that have helped her overcome anxiety. Now, she chooses to empower and equip others to do the same.

This workshop will help attendees understand why we get anxious and what happens in our brains and bodies when anxiety sets in.  It will also give participants practical tools and exercises to empower them to better manage or even break free from their anxiety.

What you’ll take away from this workshop:

  • Introduction to the body’s stress response system
  • Understand what causes anxiety and why it affects so many people
  • Breakdown the social barriers and misconceptions around anxiety and mental health
  • Understand the implications of anxiety both mentally and physically
  • Gain practical tools to manage anxiety and retrain your brain

Workshop presenter: Cortney Edmondson in addition to being a top motivational speaker, is also a State of Tennessee Certified Public Accountant. She was nominated as one of Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30 for her philanthropic efforts in Middle Tennessee.

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Optimizing your health through Nutrition

4.00-4.45pm Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

This workshop will briefly cover what is going wrong with America’s standard diet, followed by a very detailed description of how to optimize your diet to battle inflammation, to reduce the risk of cancer, and to promote healing in your body.

Why do Americans have such poor nutrition?

  • What foods help you focus on eating for prevention and healing?
  • How much of each food item should you consume?
  • What foods should you avoid?
  • What are the best ways to pick items from each food category?
  • What are the best ways to cook your produce?

Workshop Presenter: Lacy Wright, RD, LDN, CLT

Advisory Board of The Heimerdinger Foundation, Meals 4 Health and Healing

Sponsored by the Heimerdinger Foundation

Book your place now First 50 places FREE (plus Fest admission charge)

Main Stage Timetable

Erin Oprea 10:30-11:00am

Join celebrity fitness trainer Erin on stage for her work out! Limited spaces available so first come, first served.1

Puppy Pilates 11:30-12:30pm

Enjoy Pilates? Join this fun demonstration on stage, turn up in plenty of time as only a limited number of people can participate. Please do NOT bring your own dog!


Organized in conjunction with the Nashville Humane Association

Kylie Morgan 1:00-1:30pm

Hear up-and-coming Country Music star play an acoustic set.

Nashville Gymnastics Club 2:00-2:30pm

See some of the club’s youngsters in action on the stage.

Schedule subject to change

Admission Prices: Save 30% by booking in advance

For General Admission to the Health & Wellness Fest, author signings and main stage entertainment:

Tickets cost just $10 per person when booked in advance online. ($11 inc fees and tax) (Children under 12 free).

On the day admission $15. (Children under 12 free).


The first 50 tickets to each workshop are free, (plus Fest Admission Fee)-thereafter $10 per person. ($11 inc fees and tax). Each workshop has limited capacity. Book now.

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Come and meet your favorite Local author

Some of Nashville’s most successful authors will be at the Nashville Health and Wellness Fest.

Say hello and buy a signed copy of their book! Those already attending the Fest include:

Pete Dunlap

Author of: Digital Detangler: A Guide to Mindful Technology Use.

Laura Lea Bryant

Holistic Chef and author of: The Balanced Cookbook.

Alane Boyd

Author of: The Burger Fit Cookbook.

Erin Oprea

Celebrity personal Fitness Trainer and author of: The 4×4 Diet.

Becca Stevens

Author of over 10 books including: Love Heals and The Way of Tea and Justice.

Lee McCormick

Author of several books, his latest being: The Heart Reconnection Guidebook.

Gigi Butler

Founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes and author of: The Secret Ingredient: Recipes for Success in Business and Life.

Dr. Tiffany Breeding

Nutrition expert and author of: The Metabolic Makeover.

Dan DeFigio

Author of: Beating Sugar addiction.

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We’re signing up more authors to appear all the time.
Check back nearer the date of the Fest to see what time you can meet them in the Author’s Booth.

Schedule subject to change.

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